Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yours Cruelly!!!

Who said a little girl's dreams can't come true???!!!

Yesterday I met the one and only Elvira!!!!!!!

I told her about when I dressed up like her for Halloween when I was in 3rd grade and my Mom told me that the slit in the dress was not necessary ha ha. She got a kick out of that.

I also had the honor of giving her the portrait that I drew of her and she loved it!! She told me she has a "wall of fame" but since its of her she calls it her "wall of shame" ha ha.. She told me "This is turning out to be an art sort of day. I got a few others but this one is REALLY good!" I was so happy that she liked it that much!! And it was amazing to be able to give it to her in person!!

Love & Skulls,

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